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Engaged Sweeper

I'd love the possibility to acknowlegde messages.

For example: I have 11 PCs that have Service Pack 2 installed. This is because some software running on those machines is not compatible with SP3. This means that I have a bright red warning on the dashboard about PCs not running the latest Service Pack. It would be great to have a way to mark these as "Problem seen, but no action necessary" so that the red warning would go away.

There are other areas where this feature would be helpful, too.

Jochen Berner
Lansweeper Alumni
We understand what you're trying to do and will add this feature to our customer wish list, but this likely won't be implemented for a while.

Your best option at the moment is to change the reports. Reports simply retrieve information, so you cannot break anything by changing them.

You can edit a report by selecting it in the configuration console under Reports & Alerts\Report Builder and hitting the "Edit" button. Changing the code for the report "OS: Not latest Service Pack Windows 7" to the one below allows you to exclude computers based on scanned software. Replace "YourSoftware" with the name of the software package you would like to use as a basis for exclusion.

Select Top 1000000 tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
tblComputers.Domain, Web40OSName.OSname, tblOperatingsystem.Description,
tblOperatingsystem.ServicePackMajorVersion As [Current SP],
tblComputers.Lastseen, Web40OSName.Compimage As icon
From tblOperatingsystem Inner Join
tblComputers On tblOperatingsystem.Computername = tblComputers.Computername
Inner Join
web40ActiveComputers On tblComputers.Computername =
web40ActiveComputers.Computername Inner Join
Web40OSName On Web40OSName.Computername = tblComputers.Computername
Where tblComputers.Computername Not In (Select tblSoftware.ComputerName
From tblSoftware
Where tblSoftware.softwareName Like '%YourSoftware%') And Web40OSName.OSname =
'Win 7' And tblOperatingsystem.ServicePackMajorVersion <> '1'
Order By tblComputers.Computer
Engaged Sweeper

I'm referring to Windows XP and Windows 7 Service Packs (for example).

As I am no programmer at all (my last attempt was on a C64 and failed big time) I do not want to change any code. I'd like to have a simple checkbox (maybe called "No action required") to tick. Besides, the messages should still be shown after ticking the box, but not be treated and counted as an error.

I hope this halfway understandable 🙂

Jochen Berner
Lansweeper Alumni
You can change the SQL code for the report so these machines are no longer included. You can even use the software name as a criterion for exclusion. Could you clarify which specific service pack report you are referring to?