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Engaged Sweeper
I build script exporting Mobile ActiveSync devices from AD and importing them into Lansweeper. Usinf the following PowerShell commands:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice | select FriendlyName, DeviceId, DeviceImei, DeviceMobileOperato, DeviceOS, DeviceOSLanguage, DeviceTelephoneNumber, DeviceType, DeviceUserAgent, DeviceModel, FirstSyncTime, UserDisplayName, DeviceAccessState, DeviceAccessStateReason, DeviceAccessControlRule, DeviceActiveSyncVersion, AdminDisplayName, WhenChanged, WhenCreated, WhenChangedUTC, WhenCreatedUTC |export-csv c:\temp\tblMobileDevices.csv

Get-ActiveSyncDevice | Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics | select-object DeviceID, LastSuccessSync, DeviceType, DeviceUserAgent, DeviceWipeSentTime, DeviceWipeRequestTime, DeviceWipeAckTime, LastPingHeartbeat, DeviceModel, DeviceEnableOutboundSMS, Guid, IsRemoteWipeSupported, Status, DeviceAccessState, DeviceAccessStateReason, DeviceAccessControlRule, DevicePolicyApplied, DevicePolicyApplicationStatus, LastDeviceWipeRequestor, DeviceActiveSyncVersion, NumberOfFoldersSynced, SyncStateUpgradeTime |export-csv c:\temp\tblMobileDevicesStats.csv

Maybe this can be made a standard feture of the lansweeper AD scan.
Lansweeper Alumni
I've moved this topic into the wish list section of the forum. I'm not sure at this point when this feature might be implemented though.

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