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Engaged Sweeper

I have a client who is in the moving business and probably has GPS on his trucks.

We often find that there are 25-30 devices registered in Lansweeper that only say network device. Mac addresses are always unique Doing a MAC address to vendor lookup does not bring up anything. We asked client and client staff and they want to help , but have no clue. Note: We delete them and they start to pile up again. They do not seem to harm the network , but we are curios as to what they are. We are in the process of changing the IP scheme for WIFI so as to eliminate scanning them . BUT would love to know what this is. The following is a limited list , every month or so we delete them.

Network device A2:B3:DF:3B:BE:A6
Network device A6:14:29:48:7D:1B
Network device 3A:E7:DB:8B:80:BE
Network device 96:78:A8:57:65:69
Network device 1A:28:2B:71:C1:E5
Network device 8A:12:50:79:5E:5D

Anybody else supporting a client in the Moving business , with insight ?

Engaged Sweeper

Sorry , that it took so long to get back to this.

I figured out that the numerous Mac addresses are being generated by the Private and Random Wi-Fi MAC addresses provided by iOS 14 and Android 10 or higher. Now that I know, I still do not know what to do about them. I do not want to exclude any and all Network devices.

Wondering what anybody else is doing about it

Thank you

Engaged Sweeper III

Hi, I noticed that all your mac addresses are locally defined.   So they won't match to a vendor or model name in Lansweeper.  I use the following links to research: