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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

While scanning, Lansweeper compares the scanned data with existing data already stored in the database. If Lansweeper finds a match for the scanned data, the existing asset is updated with the scanned data. However, if no existing asset is found and Lansweeper cannot verify that the scanned information belongs to an existing asset. Lansweeper will create a new asset containing the newly scanned data.

In the case of Windows, the NetBIOS computer and domain name are used as unique identifiers. If these change, the Windows Rename Detection feature helps prevent duplication. More information can be found in the Windows Rename Detection article.

For Windows Rename Detection to work, Lansweeper needs the following information to match:

  • MAC address
  • Model
  • Serial

With more people working remotely and using docking stations, VPN, etc., from Lansweeper 9.2 onward, you can optionally enable a sub-setting of rename detection only to compare model and serial number, not MAC address. This can be useful when your computers' network adapters also change.