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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
We're currently investigating reports of high resource usage (cpu/memory) on the scanning server and the scanned assets. First results show these are mostly caused by driver scanning, exchange scanning, or Microsoft Store app Scanning.

You are experiencing a performance issue on your Lansweeper server.

For any performance issues, we generally recommend first to:

  • Always update to the latest version by following the steps in this article
  • Run a manual database cleanup to improve performance as described in this article.

If the issue persists, follow the below steps to disable the scan items that can potentially cause the issue.

Go to Scanning\Scanned Item Interval:

  • Disable the SYSTEMDRIVERS item

  • Disable the EXCHANGE item

    From Lansweeper version 10, scanning Microsoft Store apps is not enabled by default. To battle the performance issues, double-check if the Store App item is disabled as well.

After the items are disabled:
  • Clear the scanning queue via Scanning\Scanning Queue
  • Restart the Lansweeper Server service to sever any ongoing connections

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