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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You are trying to get the status of the LsAgent client running on your Linux devices. You run the following command, but receive an error message: 

  • systemctl status LansweeperAgentService

You are trying to stop/start the Lansweeper service. You run either of these commands. but receive an error message:

  • systemctl stop LansweeperAgentService
  • systemctl start LansweeperAgentService

What happened?

Previously, managing the LsAgent service on a Linux asset was done through these commands:

  • systemctl status LansweeperAgentService
  • systemctl start LansweeperAgentService
  • systemctl stop LansweeperAgentService
  • systemctl enable LansweeperAgentService

However, we recently changed the Linux LsAgent service name. The new commands to run are as follows:

  • systemctl status ls-agent
  • systemctl start ls-agent
  • systemctl stop ls-agent
  • systemctl enable ls-agent

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