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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Your network printers are being scanned but they show up as a different device type.

Ideally, network devices like printers are scanned using SNMP. If SNMP is not enabled or available on the device, some information can also be retrieved through other protocols like Bonjour, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, UPnP, and more.

Scanned with the SNMP protocol will retrieve and show the most details for your device.

The Asset Summary page can be used to easily verify if your devices are scanned with SNMP. When the Asset Summary page shows an OID field, the asset was scanned with SNMP. If the OID field is not showing, Lansweeper will have retrieved information from the device through other protocols.

Use the below knowledge base articles to ensure everything is set up correctly to scan your printer with the SNMP protocol.

  1. Network Device scanning requirements
  2. How to scan a network device
  3. Troubleshooting SNMP Scanning issues

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