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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You've set up a Lansweeper Cloud Site and enabled SSO, but when users from your domain attempt to log in, they are prompted to create a new Lansweeper Cloud Site instead of joining your existing one. 

What could be happening?

If users are being prompted to create a site, this means that they have not yet been invited to join an existing site. To invite users to your site, follow the instructions in the following article:

In Summary

All users needing Lansweeper Cloud Site access where SSO is enabled are required to:

  • Be invited to your Lansweeper Cloud Site (this can occur before or after enabling SSO).
  • Invited users must verify their account via email within 24 hours.
    The Lansweeper Cloud Site administrator can send a new verification email if accounts are not verified within 24 hours.

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