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Lansweeper Essential free 100 assets

Hello,Can I ask a question related to free Lansweeper Essential?I have checked on the Pricing page, Lansweeper has a Free product for 100 assets, but I cannot register. After I sign up will be redirected to the trial Cloud product.Could you please gu...

Taipm by Visitor Sweeper
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Lansweeper and Cytoscape Visualisation

This may be of interest to other Landesk Users, Cytoscape (Cytoscape.js) JavaScript’s allows you to visualise Landesk data  , with animation , images , etc, here is a simple example but much more technical visualisations can be produced such as  asse...

Picture1.png picture2.JPG
ASismey by Engaged Sweeper III
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Session Timeout

We have a security policy that web applications should have idle sessions timeout. We have Lansweeper set up with AD integration for a single sign on (SSO) experience. Is there some way to make the session timeout and force the users to either clos...

Asset types and Jira import

 Hello Community!I hope to find a solution here. I will try to explain what we are trying to achieve.Our aim is to build a proper CMDB using the Jira Assets tool, incorporating company access management and various other elements.One of the tasks is ...

SUMO by Engaged Sweeper
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MacBook Scanning - Missing information

Hello,I am unable to scan MacBooks properly. I followed the installation guide for LsAgent as well as set up a scanning credential, target range, linked the scanning credential to the range. All that comes through is that it was scanned properly and ...

rinks by Engaged Sweeper III
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