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Engaged Sweeper
Hello, I'm having troubles with SNMP scanning on some of my DELL switches in the network.
I've searched the forum and found this:

There is a known issue in Lansweeper versions and higher where the switch port connections for certain switch models are not scanning currently. Our developers are aware of this issue and the fix for this should be included in Lansweeper version, which should be our next release.

If you want to be sure that switch port connections for your switch will be scannable in the fixed version you can run this tool from your Lansweeper server to the switch in question, using your scanning SNMP credential. If "Connected Devices" are listed at the bottom of the output per interface, your port connections will be scannable in version

I am running Lansweeper version I used the tool mentioned above and it works, I see the "connected devices" list at the bottom of the output.
Is this something that still needs to be fixed even in Is there a way I can use a similar tool to scan it and make my Lansweeper database update at least manually?