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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi all,

I've searched Google and the forums so please accept my apologies if this is covered and I've not found it.

We have several desk-hoppers at work - is there anyway of tracking them more quickly?

I'm currently IP scanning daily plus device scanning on the default settings but if a user moves desk during the day and then rings with a tech question I cannot tell which PC they are using. How can I work around this?

Thanks in advance.

[edit: I have the Premium version but haven't figured how to udpate my forum account yet.]
Engaged Sweeper III
Many thanks for that, it works a treat.
Engaged Sweeper III
You can edit their login scripts to run a scan at login. We have the lsclient run at each login on the domain, using the UNC path of where lscient is on the network and the servers IP address.