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Champion Sweeper
I'm looking for the most supported way to insert new assets into lansweeper via scripts.
since there is no API for assets, i'd prefer not to do it directly via SQL unless there is a published method that they document on how to do this.
my other thought was leveraging AssetsImport.aspx somehow passing a csv to it.

*sigh* so much effort for a lack of API. or maybe they will only release it with their cloud platform which seems to be select customers.


Hello everyone,

Due to the age of this post, it has been archived. Please feel free to start a new post if you wish to continue to discuss this topic.

Thank you for understanding.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

To import assets, we recommend following the steps in the KB article below that explains how to import from a .csv.
Engaged Sweeper III

has there been any improvement to doing this? 

looking for an completed automated cli / script method of doing this, without injecting it into sql. 

i believe all the API efforts are cloud and read only. 

is it possible to leverage the manual scan file upload location? can a file be created to mirror the agent scan to file?