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Engaged Sweeper III
I'm looking for input from those who have implemented solutions for scanning computers that are off site.

My current solution seems to be somewhat bulky and prone to things not working 100% right.

This is my current solution and it's in 2 parts.

Part 1 - Citrix Users
I have a script that runs when the local user logs on. It simply runs lspush and stores the result file in temp folder. Then when the user logs onto Citrix another script is run pulling that file from the local drive and placing it in the servers import folder.

Part 1 works great. However, A) not all our remote users use Citrix and B) not all our Citrix users can allow access to their C: drive.

Part 2 - Remote users who refuse to use Citrix
I have the same script running when the user logs on. However I've appended a script to it to create an e-mail message directly to me so that when they finally log in to Outlook it sends. When that e-mail arrives I have a rule that moves the message and automatically downloads the attachment to the servers import folder.

I haven't tested part 2, other then my rule that downloads the attachment, but I was actually hoping to find a single solution for everyone instead.

So what I'm hoping for is someone out there with a far more elegant solution.

Lansweeper Alumni
Do these users have a vpn connection to your network?

If yes: you can use lspush with direct server connection (in a scheduled job).

If no: another solution could be to use a published ftp server.

Pseudo script of scheduled task:
Lspush to %temp% folder;
Upload lspush file to ftp server with login x and password y

on your ftp server: copy lspush files to /import folder