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Engaged Sweeper III
Hello. I am trying to use LanSweeper top scan my SonicWall NSA 3500 firewall using SSH.
I have just updated to the latest version of LanSweeper and I have the fully licesned verison.
I added the custom credintals and set those creds ot be used when the firewall is scanned. However the scan still fails stating an quthentication error.

When I login via SSH to the SonicWall I am first prompted with:
login as:
I can type anything I want here and hit enter.
THEN I am prompted for:

That is where I type the admin username and password which is....

And that gets me logged in properly to the system.

Anyway. My thought is its that initial "Login as" prompt which can be anything thats causing the issue.

Attached is a screenshot where you can see the first login can be anything and I've blacked out the other info.

Lansweeper Alumni
SSH scanning is only supported for *nix based systems like Linux, Unix, BSD and OS X. Ideally, other network devices are scanned through SNMP (SNMPv1, SNMPv2 or, in Lansweeper 5.1 beta, SNMPv3), but data can be pulled from the following protocols as well: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, JetDirect, SIP, SMTP and Telnet. You can run the following tool on your Lansweeper server to test connections to specific IP addresses and see which protocols are enabled:

If one or more of the aforementioned protocols are enabled, you can submit your devices for IP Address Range Scanning under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Scanning Methods in order to scan them. If SNMP is enabled, you will also need to:
• Create one or more SNMP credentials under Configuration/Scanning Setup/Scanning Credentials, by hitting the Add New Credential button.
• Map your SNMP credentials to your devices’ IP ranges, by hitting the green + button next to a range in the IP Address Range Scanning section of Configuration/Scanning Setup/Scanning Methods.