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Service Desk integrations for Lansweeper: Use cases

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

What would you like to see as use case for Service Desk integration for Lansweeper

  • Asset context in the service ticket based on the username of the reporter: when the user raises an issue type incident the service ticket gets information from Lansweeper and pre-fill all reporter’s asset details (IP, asset name, location ,model, vendor, SN, LS URL, warranty date,…)
  • Have in the service desk tool or in Lansweeper the list of tickets associated with the same asset: e.g asset sent to repair for overheating, and then reassigned to another user that raises the same problem again
  • other.....

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hello @CleanH2O ,

thank you so much for your feedback. The use case you proposed is clear, it requires an enhancement to our API though, at the current moment we don't support editing of assets. I inserted your feedback in the backlog, this is definitely where we want to go.

I would like to know from other users if they see other possible use cases for a Jira integration with Lansweeper


Engaged Sweeper

In addition to the 2 you noted, we would like to be able to track asset assignment/reassignment/retrieval via our Jira Service Desk and push these asset assignments into Lansweeper.