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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everyone,

We recently started a new domain at my company and need to add a few users from that domain to be able to log in as admins. There is a domain trust between the two domains and I am able to scan for users and view machines and whatnot. I am in the Configuration > User Access & Roles page and I am adding a new AD User and selecting the Role of Administrator however, when they try to login (newdomain\username) they are getting a "You have no access to this webpage" message. The users are syncing properly and I can view all their AD information. In the login page, I do see in the bottom right above the Windows Login button the old domain. I am assuming this should change to the new domain the moment I type newdomain\. Does anyone know how to correct this?

Champion Sweeper III
When you have a user from that domain try to log in, and they can't, do you then see the user under the 'users and access and roles' section? with like 'non selected' as a role? If so, set the role there?

Also, have you added them to a group on your original domain - like 'Lansweeper Admins' or something, and added the AD group in Lansweeper (under 'User Roles' > choose 'administrator' group > click the globe icon to 'add group' > add that group you made)?

Champion Sweeper III
what kind of trust is established?

if you are gonna have them log in as admins, rule out this app by allowing them to RDP to the server or create a separate web app/page and set the windows auth the way you need it?

My hunch would be that you gotta put them in a group in your AD that is Domain local. Don't quote me on that though. I have a trust between a prod domain and a qa domain and the prod users are in global groups in Qa but not the other way around. If it isn't that it is possibly a delegation setting since you are asking the web server to auth people from another domain it is not part of?