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Freelance for Lansweeper Deploy?

Hello,We're a small IT department so we outsource some of our work. Does anyone know a good resource for hiring freelance workers that are familiar with Lansweeper Deployment?I searched Upwork for Lansweeper, but wasn't really finding anyone that men...

jheiden by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom attributes from AD

Hello,I would like to know is it possible to pull custom attributes from AD, we plan on using Microsoft LAPS. This will ultimately store the computers local admin password in AD under 2 attributes. I would like to have these appear in LanSweeper agai...

Arron by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lsagent service exits with error

We're seeing issues with the lsagent exiting on Windows machines with a communication error:2021-04-20 10:19:14,775 [7] INFO CreateReachableEndPoint for cf8eb343-a400-4683-90f8-051af8c7d36d2021-04-20 10:19:14,836 [7] INFO Url Check with address fai...

opoplawski by Engaged Sweeper III
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Credential-free "ON" by default ?

Credential-free "ON" by default upon upgrade!Say what?should that feature be on in any environment? after the upgarde from 8.0 to 8.3 i checked as soon as i saw the lovely popup notice. and the option listed as "disable" not enable....Am I the only o...

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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Resolved! Prevent adding automatically scanned Network Devices

Hello community,is it possible to prevent adding automatically scanned assets which are listed as "Network device"?We have quiet a lot of changing mobile phones in our WLAN witch automatically be found by lansweeper. These count against your licence ...

pskup by Engaged Sweeper III
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Office 365 v2 Scanning Error

I am trying to setup Lansweeper to scan my Office 365 environment using modern authentication but the scanning targets page is showing "Sequence contains no elements". Basic authentication scanning using the legacy "Office 365" credential is working ...

DJX by Engaged Sweeper II
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