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Engaged Sweeper

Can you change the info type on existing Asset Management fields?
We would like to have standard options for several of the predefined fields in asset management (e.g.:  Location, Building, etc) and would like to offer a drop down versus text field.

I hate to create a custom field that duplicates a field already available.

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @CShoffner2021 ,

Thank you for your suggestion. I think it's very interesting. 

This ability to add custom value libraries to standard fields that are now inputs, could you tell me more examples in which it would be useful to you?

We have an open survey on the management of custom fields. I would love for you to complete it and add your suggestion for improvement so that we manage your feedback properly and can work on it in future iterations:

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello @CShoffner2021! You will not be able to change the standard Asset Management fields from a text box to a drop-down. The only way to achieve what you want would be through a custom field.