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Engaged Sweeper II
A PC at one of our locations is experiencing some issues that I believe to be related to a misconfiguration to the DNS settings. I can ping the PC. The PC can reach our VM's that we have on site here, but it can not open a webpage and I can not establish a TV connection as it shows 'offline' in TV. I've talked to personnel over the phone, we've rebooted the PC several times. I've power cycled the ethernet port, nothing seems to fix the issue. This location is an hour away unfortunately and I don't want to call and give the domain admin/password to anyone on site to be able to change the DNS from the control panel or even run CMD as Administrator. Does anyone know of a script in powershell or CMD that I can run as Administrator as a deployment package that would do the job?? If this post doesn't belong here, I'm sorry in advance.
Engaged Sweeper III
Do you have a Domain controller at this site running dhcp and dns? I would change it there and push it out via group policy.

Can you set up a remote connection and change it yourself?

Can you give the admin password and change it afterwards?

Found this , should work for you.