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Champion Sweeper
I've created a package to copy an image to the local PC, run GPUpdate then run bginfo with the new image.

Because these are "commands" and run as local user, there is a command box that is displayed during this process and the user can close this box which stops the deployment from completing.

It has to run as local user or the BGInfo won't update the users wallpaper with the information we require.

Is there a way to hide the box or at least minimise it?

Champion Sweeper
Thanks for the reply, looking at the GUI for creating a schedule tasks there is a Hidden checkbox and I believe the 'Run is user logged in or not' must be set to run hidden and I assume that flag is not available via command line or the method you're using?

I've got a little work around by creating a batch script and calling the batch file from lansweeper as one

start /min /B c:\scripts\myscript.bat

We still get a box but it's only there for a couple of seconds...but still not ideal.
Champion Sweeper II
you can always try converting bat to exe using this.. it has option to run it hidden... we use it all the time

make sure your antivirus program doesn't flag the .exe as something bad.. put exclusion in it first before you attemp.

Lansweeper Alumni
From what I understand, our developers cannot prevent this behavior if the deployment is run under the currently logged on user, i.e. the active desktop session. I'm sure you've done or thought of this, but perhaps you could mitigate the issue somewhat by including a warning message in your deployment package, so users will know that a deployment will be taking place and that they should not cancel it.