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Resolved! LSAgent has forgotten x64 Windows applications

I use lsagent on Windows 7 & 10 64-bit client machines. Today I installed v. on the scanning server and as the agents check in, I've lost part of software inventory.It appears that all 64-bit applications are reported as being uninstalled...

cycleheat by Engaged Sweeper III
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intune and o365 account

what is the least privileged access for o365 and intune in lansweeper? For o365:i don't want an admin account that has no MFA. https://www.lansweeper.com/knowledgebase/how-to-scan-office-365-accounts/this is a poor model.For intune: https://www.lansw...

gdavid by Champion Sweeper
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Schedule Reboot using AT and psshutdown with time input

Hello - I have a custom computer action that schedules a reboot for 2am the following morning. It looks lke this: cmd.exe /C psexec \\{computer} at 2:00am psshutdown -r -f -c -t 10 /accepteula This works fine (see below), but I would like to be able ...

Jono by Champion Sweeper II
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task error

Getting this error when deploying packagesScanning Credentials Result: Package timeout reached. Task Error: The task has not yet run. Timeout: (13800Sec). Credential: (UAG\085bgorenflo). ShareCredential

How To Edit Fields asset in Lanswepper

I want to ask how to edit field Asset in lanswepper in field custom1 i want to fill custom1 with name departement in my office and i have over 700 Asset in lanswepper, i have tray with import asset with csv file and this import only for add new asset...

burhan by Engaged Sweeper
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