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Engaged Sweeper II
We just setup Lansweeper to be our ticketing system for our helpdesk. Experiencing a strange issue, I must have overlooked a setting somewhere.

When "user A" sends an email to our IT helpdesk (, lansweeper creates a ticket. On the ticket tab on the left hand side it shows "user A" email address and oddly our IT helpdesk email as well(even though "userA" did not CC us). So when the agent closes the ticket, it sends a close template message to "user A" BUT also sends one to our "IT helpdesk". Thus when lansweeper does another scan of the "IT Helpdesk" rereads that new "closed" message and reopens the said ticket in the lansweeper helpdesk and marks it as "In Progresss".

The only workaround to this I have found is the agent must manually remove our helpdesk email from the left column before closing.

Why is lansweeper auto adding our "IT helpdesk" email address automatically as a CC user (what purpose does that serve)? Can we turn this feature off, because otherwise we will never have closed tickets? Or what is the best practices on the templates so this issue doesn't happen.
Engaged Sweeper II
I contacted lansweeper support who helped me.

Had to add our helpdesk alias email address under incoming email settings.

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