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Lansweeper vulnerability management features

Hi,we are evaluating the use of your software about vulnerability management.The goal is to automate the discovery of all installed software on linux and windows systems, also including portable programs(windows) and executable java packages without ...

Add Multiple Pre Built Reports into 1 Report

I am in the process of setting up the SMTP reporting function and was wondering if it is possible to have 1 report with multiple prebuilt reports etc. I have tried creating them and adding them together but have had no luck as I keep getting errors ...

jah88 by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom User Roles

Does anybody have guidance on how to custumize user roles inside lansweeper. My goal would be to create a role that restricts access to the ability to look at users and reset their passwords but not anything else be avaiable. This is to be a starter ...

smartinez by Engaged Sweeper
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Deleting custom reports

So I have some test reports I've made in the past, and some that are no longer relevant. I can't find where to delete those, or to rename them as "deprecated-report name" to differentiate them from useful reports.I'm sure that it's sitting right in...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Time is 3 hours behind?

I'm currently running Lansweeper v 6022If I deploy a package at 7:50am.......... the Log Date for that deployment shows 4:50.......... 3 hours behind.I've checked the server Lansweeper is running on, timezone is set correctly, as well as the time.An...

hckrphil by Engaged Sweeper
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