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Engaged Sweeper

We changed our email according to the directions given by Lansweeper to use modern authentication. However, when we did that, something odd happened and Lansweeper created about 200 tickets for nonsense items that looked like they were coming out of our shared mailboxes. We do not have Azure AD Premium currently so we don't have conditional access available, but I'm not sure that's what the problem was. Is anyone using the email function without conditional access? Or can anyone tell me why it created a bunch of tickets from old emails that went to shared inboxes?


Kathie Gilchrist

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi there, 


don't know if this is still relevant but here it goes. 


When adding the e-mail account to your installation, the scanning service will take all e-mails from the "Inbox" folder and all e-mails that are not filtered with the settings in the 'Configuration\E-mail settings' page and import these. 


They then either result in a reply being added to an existing ticket, or the creation of a new ticket.


The e-mail itself will be moved to the "Helpdesk_archive" folder. E-mails that are caught by the filters will be moved to the "Helpdesk_ignore" folder instead. 


This should keep the "Inbox" folder empty. 


The scanning service checks for new e-mails every couple of minutes.