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Engaged Sweeper
we need the possibility to track working hours for a ticket per day. The state based automated tracking of lansweeper doesn't fit our requirements since some tickets get passed from agent to agent and the process of changing ticket states every time someone starts or pauses work on a ticket is error-prone.
By now, at the end of the day, every agent writes his or her working hours on that ticket into one custom text field of that ticket. That works somehow but isn't an optimal sollution because reporting or tracking working hours is a load of manual work.
Is there a possibility to formalize work hour entries? I know it isn't possible but best would be a custom field table with an unlimited amount of entries of the form:

agent [type:text] | date [type:date] | hours [type:numerical]

Are there ways to substitute such a scheme? Or do you have other tipps how we can implement our requirements?