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Engaged Sweeper
Hello all,

I'm attempting to remove the default teams from the LS Helpdesk and it's telling me the teams still have agents. The only agent still assigned to them is the built-in admin. It gives the error regardless of whether the account/agent is active or not.

I'm attempting to change the teams that the built-in admin is a part of, and it won't allow me because it doesn't have an assigned e-mail address and tells me the e-mail is a required field. That being said, I'm wondering the best way to go about it. Should I delete the built-in admin altogether, make it a user, or what? I don't care to delete it if we can (logins to it are disabled anyways), I just don't want to break anything.

Lansweeper Alumni
This question was also asked via email, you can find the reply below, for everyone else's benefit.

The built-in admin account cannot be directly deleted, though it can be disabled (which you probably have) and it can be made a user. The most straightforward solution here would be to make the built-in admin account a regular user rather than an inactive agent, as this should immediately unassign it from any and all helpdesk teams. Do note that you may need to transfer agent data from this account to another first, if it has any.

On a side-note, it's also possible to modify the teams of any agent account directly by clicking on the teams themselves directly, as seen in the screenshot below. This would also prevent the email check from occurring, though an agent does need to be a member of a single team (active or not). If you haven't yet disabled the built-in admin, this can be done under Configuration\Website Settings.