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Engaged Sweeper
On a regular user's Helpdesk main page, is there a way to customize the modules on that page? I know how to disable the Knowledgebase, but in order to keep things as simple as possible for our users we'd like to eliminate the 'Helpdesk' box and only use the 'My tickets' box. Am I missing something in the configuration setup?

If that is not possible, are the links editable in the Helpdesk box? (i.e., Can we remove 'My open tickets' & 'My closed tickets?')

I realize this is a relatively minor request; just wondering if I missed it somewhere or it truly doesn't exist.
Engaged Sweeper
I'd like to add my interest regarding this feature.

One of the things I'd like to do is show how many tickets we're dealing with to normal helpdesk users, so some of the information on some of the agent-viewable widgets might be useful there.

Not that I'm expecting people to think their ticket is any less important, but it might stop a few "why haven't you looked at my ticket?" type queries if they can see we have a lot to sort through.
Engaged Sweeper
Understood. Thank you for the response!
Champion Sweeper III
This is indeed currently not possible, all normal users will get this standard page. A change has already been proposed, to show/hide certain data from this page or to even add some user widgets. This is however still on the wishlist, so we can't give an estimated date on when development for this will start.