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Engaged Sweeper
The email looks identical to a typical ticket email, so it can't be filtered based off keywords like "closed". These emails are unnecessary and add clutter to agent's inboxes.

How do we stop them? We've already disabled most helpdesk emails. People email "Helpdesk@Company.com" and that get's forwarded to everyone in IT, but they are not agents unless they reply to the helpdesk email or pick up the ticket on the helpdesk website. We only have enabled....

Ticket Creation to User
Ticket Creation to Agent
Agent Update to User
User update to Agent

Thank you
Lansweeper Alumni
This question was also asked and answered via email, I've added our reply below for everyone else's benefit.

There are a few options to reduce the amount of emails an agent receives:
  • Agents can individually configure their account to not receive certain emails. This can be done when the agent is logged in, under the cog wheel at the top right. You could experiment with these Agent Options to prevent certain emails from being sent to the agent account in question.

  • Adjust your templates. Under Configuration\E-mail Settings you can reconfigure each template your agents can receive to only apply to certain ticket states for instance, you can view these options by clicking the edit pencil next to each template. You could also disable User Update (sent to agent) all together. Agent Update (sent to user) may also be one that could be disabled, as we presume the user is receiving the public note email, anyways. These templates are mostly meant to be sent to users to alert them that their ticket has received a reply, when the web console is primarily used for reading and replying to tickets (by users).