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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi Lansweeper Team,

I wanted to inquire about importing data into Lansweeper from a text file to a custom field. Currently we are attempting to inventory our Chrome Extensions, and we currently have a method of collecting this data, then appending it to a text file.

Is there any way that we can add this data into fields that would be visible or meaningful from within Lansweeper?

Champion Sweeper
sorry I forgot to add, WHERE AssetID = (your column) AND AssetName = (your column for computer name - or use FQDN)

Champion Sweeper
If it were me, I would take that text file, and import the data into excel... and hopefully the data for the chrome extensions includes the NETBIOS or FQDN in it.

Then I would create a report/SQL query to give me the assetname, FQDN, and AssetID, then export the results as CSV or Excel.

Then I would order both by assetname or FQDN, sort them the same, and then compare/match-up the two spreadsheets (however you wish to do that - they make apps that compare - like beyondcompare)

then I would use the concatenate excel command to generate my SQL query to INSERT INTO the lansweeperdb, set custom10 or whatever field you have for it... =(C1) or whatever field you have the data in on the spreadsheet... WHERE ASSETID=(D1) or whatever field you have it in your spreadsheet...

So then when I have the syntax right in the concatenate result, I would take one single row, and try it in SQL Query Analyzer... (start with a select before you INSERT!) ... and verify the results...

If it looks good, then copy/paste all the concatenate column results into Query Analyzer, then run it..

Then you're done...

I'm not a DBA or data import/export expert, but remember, it's MS SQL back-end, so anything you can do in MSSQL, you can do -- just note you might mess up your data, so make a backup of the DB if you don't know what you're doing...

***and also note, anything you do in SQL behind-the-scenes isn't supported by Lansweeper Support**!