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Engaged Sweeper
Want to use Https for all connections to Lansweeper so created a new crt, sent it off to Entrust to have it signed. Received the new cert back and followed steps required to install it, thumbprint copied, etc. Lansweeper will not connect when attempting to use port 82 for https, but has no issue with port 81 non https. I have quite a bit of time on this, verifying that everything looks good and from what I can see, everything does. It should not be this difficult to install a trusted cert so perhaps I am missing something unique to Lansweeper? Can you point me in the direction I need to look at to get this to work? I am using IIS Express 8
Champion Sweeper II
It could be a permissions issue, we do a light hardening on our installs, and the certificates for Lansweeper are under Certificates -> Local Computer -> Personal . If they are under a local user account, at least in our case, it didn't work...

Open certmgr.exe and double-check...