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Engaged Sweeper
HI, When trying to configure email - I get the below error after adding in all the relevant details and clicking on test

The E-mail server has not been configured correctly: One or more recipients rejected. Call SmtpException.GetRejectedRecipients() to get a collection of rejected email addresses. (Last tried: 12/05/2022 06:49:56)

The SMTP server is ok and being used by a number of other services and i can telnet the server on port 25 from the Lansweeper console server.

I have ran the email checker tool and get errors with that too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Engaged Sweeper III

I had to change our SMTP server today as part of a migration to a cloud service. When I entered the new SMTP information I received the same error you have described. However, I was able to forward a report to myself without an issue. I ran the email check tool as well, and it worked without an error.

While it seems to be working, I would love to have more information to determine the source of the error since there is so little debug information available to track it down. I have opened a ticket with Lansweeper, so we'll see if they can provide more information.

Engaged Sweeper

Did you ever get an answer?  I'm having the same issue, but it also works for everything else.