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Engaged Sweeper

LAPS scanning credential Prerequisites are:

- AD LAPS is enabled on your domain.

- You're in possession of an account with admin rights for managing AD LAPS.

- The admin account must have the rights to run Remote PowerShell on the AD LAPS server.

When I test I get a "powershell connection to {DC} failed"


from the box lansweeper is installed I can PS: test-WSMan to the DC


As far as I can tell everything is set right and permissions are good. I can recover the correct LAPS password for that device using the LAPS GUI or powershell.




Any ideas?

How does the test tool operate?

does it construct a powershell command?

does it use a different port maybe blocked in the firewall?


Engaged Sweeper

support case for what? - does something need fixing?

I have exactly the same problem.
Manual testing with remote PowerShell to the DC works (both Test_WsMan and an Invoke-Command cfr this article https://support[.]servicenow[.]com/kb?id=kb_article_view&sysparm_article=KB0813330 )
But Lansweeper provides the same error to me. I've created a support case.

With description of workking process of the test tool and requiements for it.

Honored Sweeper II

You have to create support case.