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Engaged Sweeper III

Hello, i am experiencing a strange deleting/merging problem.

A similar problem is described in an old topic but the solution isn't working for me.

I have two Unifi Access Points. Same model but of course different IP and MAC.

Only one asset was found automatically.

If I enter the MAC of the "not found" asset, the "found one" is shown by Lansweeper. Although the MAC is incorrect for this "found one". 

If I enter the IP address for Batch Scanning, no asset is created.

If I manually enter the asset with IP and MAC and serial, the assed ist deleted after rescan.

Honored Sweeper

Also you can view comments:

Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID,
  tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypeIcon10 As icon,
From tblAssets
  Inner Join tblAssetCustom On tblAssets.AssetID = tblAssetCustom.AssetID
  Inner Join tsysAssetTypes On tsysAssetTypes.AssetType = tblAssets.Assettype
  Inner Join tblAssetComments On tblAssets.AssetID = tblAssetComments.AssetID
Where tblAssetCustom.State = 1
Order By tblAssetComments.Added Desc
Engaged Sweeper III

Hello Mister_Nobody, thanks for your help.

The report shows:

[MERGE] Merged duplicate asset with IP address into this asset. Merge reason: shared MAC address(es) and unknown serial number for both assets.

The Connectiontester shows errors on every topic, i think because this is no windows machine. But the asset is scanned normally as shown on the corresponding website (infos and last successful scan available).

I deleted the asset and created two new ones with correct IP, MAC and Serial manually. But one of the assets is still deleted by the system.

Sorry It was typo.

Scan AP by LS DEVICE tester and check duplicate MACs.



Engaged Sweeper III

I scanned both devices.

A) IP 181 MAC :BF

B) IP 182 MAC :0F

At the moment in Lansweeper the available asset is B). The asset i deleted bevor (and i created two new ones manually) was A). The asset B) is shown with its correct MAC in Lansweeper.

I think you have same MACs in AP internal switch interfaces. And LS have merged APs in a single asset. 

Engaged Sweeper III

Ok, is there something i can do? Or do i have to create an esset manually without IP for my device A)? Which is then never scannable by Lansweeper.

Honored Sweeper

Scan AP by LS connection tester and check duplicate MAC.