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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi all,

We’ve been working hard on implementing some of the recent scanning fixes into our scanning agent LsAgent.

To check if we’ve got everything right, we’re looking for people to try out this new version on some devices. What does this new version bring, well here are the changes included:


  • Fixed: LAN-8083 If a Linux computer has software installed with left or right quotation marks in its software properties, Lansweeper fails to scan the computer’s full software inventory
  • Fixed: LAN-8248 Lansweeper fails to scan software info of Arch Linux distributions
  • Fixed: LAN-4336 Lansweeper fails to scan the LastSuccessSync date of some ActiveSync devices on Exchange servers
  • Changed: .Net framework updated to version 4.8

If you are interested in testing please vote on the poll below to join the On-premise testing group.
If you already have taken part in an on-premise test, you can simply go to the testing topic.

Would you like to participate in LsAgent testing?
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