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Engaged Sweeper
Could you suggest the correct algorithm for manually creating an asset so that the asset can be recognized during scanning?

The main idea is that we want to use Lansweeper to account for the equipment, including the one that is not yet in use (new machines just arrived at the warehouse).

We would like to be able to create manually an asset based on the information available on the box or vendor's documents (e.g. serial number), and after the machine is put into operation, we would like to see that the asset is recognized and filled with data.

We tried to create an asset manually by entering the serial number, computer template name and domain name, but the asset was not recognized and instead a new one was created.
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Hi Andrey,

When Lansweeper scans your network, it uses unique keys to store the scanned devices in the database. These unique keys prevent that duplicate records are created. If your import file does not include the information Lansweeper uses for its internal asset IDs, new assets will be generated upon scanning.
eg. For Windows computers specifically, you need to submit the machines' actual computer names and domain names in your import file.

If you want to import devices that are to be scanned in the future, its best to check the below kb articles.