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ability to track radio systems

We are trying to consolidate everything into one inventory here and we have radio assets that consist of base, repeaters, mobile in vehicles and handhelds. Has anyone done this with Lansweeper to keep all your assets into one system? If so, what is...

dannykc by Engaged Sweeper
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Reports-Display Uplink ports

New to reports, trying to create a report where asset=switch, port=uplink and include speed and ip address in the report.Thanks so much for you help:Nate

ctn82000 by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset Location Being Removed

We have a number of assets that have been assigned to locations. It seems as though the next time the assets are scanned, they are being removed from that location.This tends to happen more often with our clustered resources such as SQL Instances or ...

What will happen when my SQL LocalDB becomes full?

What will happen when my SQL LocalDB becomes full? Will Lansweeper still work when it reaches the 10GB limit?Your database has nearly reached your database server's built-in size limit. SQL LocalDB and SQL Express databases are limited in size by Mic...

RayPamps23 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Active Directory information not being imported

We've just setup Lansweeper v8.0.130.35, and Active Directory computer objects are not importing the description field information. The OU information appears and the Enabled in AD is checked on the asset, but the description field isn't being displ...

SCCM Integration

I've followed the guide on how to integrate Lansweeper with SCCM as shown here:, when I try to scan the newly created SCCM target it comes back with the below error whic...

Install LsAgent on Mac

Is there a best practice for how to deploy lsagent with the cloud relay key for multiple macs? Im trying ssh but the kernel extension policy is denying me permission and Airwatch is a massive pain. Can I edit a config file within the ...

Jonnym by Engaged Sweeper II
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