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Engaged Sweeper

we just started to gather some experiences with lansweeper.

e.g. we buy 50 Monitors and add them directly, manually to the assets. So that we can directly insert the order number, serial number, date of delivery, etc.

The monitores will first be stored in our stock. On a not defined time in future, we bring them out to the collegues. If lansweeper scans then the computers it will find the monitors and it will add them to the asset database. We have then created a duplicate: The scanned asset and the manually inserted asset.

I have not found out yet to avoid the duplicates or how to merge them.

I would be really happy if someone has an idea and could help us out.

best regards
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Hi Elmar,

If you manually import assets that are to be scanned and updated afterward, they'll have to be assigned a unique key during import. The unique key is used by Lansweeper to identify whether the asset is already present in the database. For monitors, the unique key is "Mon:<3-letter monitor manufacturer code>:<monitor serial>"

When importing your monitors, make sure to select asset type monitor in the import .csv template and fill out the manufacturer, serial and asset name field. This should ensure the unique key is properly generated allowing your records to be merged when finally scanned by Lansweeper.