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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello All,

In this blog post Lansweeper Classic - all about the Snozzberry. ( the author shares some thoughts on Lansweeper Classic  e.g use of SQL Server, easy to find data etc. The Lansweeper Community even got a shoutout!  "2) Reports are SQL Queries. Can't figure out a query? Ask the Forum where SQL nerds will give you the query, or, ask a SQL guru co-worker."

I am curious - what makes Lansweeper Classic great for you? Drop a reply to this post or start your own discussion about it so others can chime in about their experiences too.



Engaged Sweeper III

It's been almost a year since this post was published and can confirm that Lansweeper Classic is still the best!

Engaged Sweeper III

Once you get the hang of everything (deployments, reports to deploy to assets after next scan, ect) it is such a time saver!

Literally an update to our medical records software use to take a whole weekend to manually log in to each machine (if it was on) to now just taking a couple of hours, and catching the stragglers on "next scan".


We are keen to fast track getting "the hang of everything..." with our new training offerings if you have any thoughts let us know  @Tim_N

Honored Sweeper

We can not use Cloud Software by security reasons so we like LS on-premise.
We have many homebrew integration in it: with our assets database for counters, with our Oracle DB, export to external systems...

Champion Sweeper III

Lansweeper Classic (I hate the 'Classic' addition to the name) is indeed a great tool for real Sysadmins. It gives you 100% control over all your data. Anything you see on the asset page, you can report on. Data resides on your own SQL DB, so you can query whatever you want, or add additional data/tables (eg. financial data, location data, 3rd party app data, ...) and with a few blink of the eyes you have a new, one of a kind report.

Data can be easily exported to a (local) file or emailed (haven't found this feature yet in Cloud) on a daily, weekly, ... basis.

Registry key and file scanning seem to be disappeared in Cloud, this is a very important feature for us.

Cloud version reacts slower than the 'Classic' version.

Classic custom fields are not synced with Cloud custom fields. We have loads of custom fields, and all our custom reports (>50) rely on them.

In Lansweeper Classic, almost every attribute is clickable and brings you to an overview page of assets sharing the same attribute.

The 'Mass Edit' function is very handy in 'Classic'. Not to be confused with the 'Bulk Edit' function.

The "Configuration History" and "Changes by Type" reports are missing in Cloud.

And I think I can go on for a while...

Engaged Sweeper II

I couldn't agree more, having all of our data stored on our own servers and all data contained within our network is a huge plus for security. Also, I've been leveraging the reports builder and it's been forcing me to learn SQL to build really useful reports for both my IT team and for other teams, like HR.

Also, the helpdesk is a huge benefit and one of the MAJOR reasons why we chose Lansweeper over literally anything else. The fact that all the data you could possibly want on a user account and the computer they may be using is available to you on the helpdesk is a extremely helpful. Having to use a third party helpdesk and creating all these integrations to Azure AD, Lansweeper, and everything else, would take up so much time and wouldn't the same. With Lansweeper, all the info is just there and it's seemless.

Engaged Sweeper II

I definitely agree with rom's post, and all the great things he mentions. The fact that it isn't "cloud" based is huge for me, too. Some things might make sense in the cloud (email, perhaps) but having all the data on-site, behind my own firewalls, fully under my control (including when and whether to go to the latest version rather than doing it when the cloud host says), are all valuable aspects of Lansweeper Classic.

Champion Sweeper II

So true - I totally spaced out and should have included that.  Excellent reasons that I totally agree with.

Champion Sweeper II

The blog post pretty much sums up why I love Lansweeper Classic!

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