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Engaged Sweeper
I keep getting a scan error that says:

Command not found: Sudo

And I loaded the private key directly from the server.

This is a new instance of Lansweeper on a new server. I have the same credential on a previous server and it works.

In addition, it is also resetting the asset type with each new scan.
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

The specified error means that an SSH scan attempt was made for the Mitel phone, but do keep in mind that SSH scanning is mostly designed to scan Linux, Unix, and Mac computers. In general, network devices should be scanned using a different protocol, preferably SNMP. The SNMP protocol will give back the most information for your network devices.

We would recommend that you go through the following steps:
Engaged Sweeper

I have the same problem on fortigate firewalls.

My guess so far is that lansweeper tries to scan with sudo, to more types of assets than before.

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