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Engaged Sweeper III
I have created custom fields with de new employee ticket. A few fields i set to agents only as for AD account already present etc. What i would like is that the requesting user only fills in the neccessary details as Office location, depart, first name and last name. Then the ticket comes to the helpdesk staff and they create a new user in AD. Then they set the values in the ticket like AD username, e-mail address etc. When this is filled in it should be displayed to the user but now it is not as the values are set to agents only.

How can i accomplish this?
Champion Sweeper III
You could make 2 different ticket types, one which is visible to all users and one which is only visible for agents but translates to the first type (show different type to users). Then give the first one user custom fields, and the second type the same custom fields + those you need the agent to fill in. After the user creates a ticket you'll have to change the type to the second one and let the agent fill in the extra custom fields. The user will see all custom fields, but still only the first type name.

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