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Delete one server logs

We have a server named SERVER2 and we are getting critical (error) reports about it. Is there a way to delete it from database (just those reports for particular server.) (Dashboard->Server->server errors->eventtype->error) Delete FROM tblAssetsWHERE...

eXPlosion by Engaged Sweeper
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Add New Asset

When I click on a network switch it will show the MAC address of the device connected.I want to identify what is on this port, so I add a new asset. Give asset name, IP, same MAC Address, etc.It will then add it, but when it tries to rescan I get an...

Brian0317 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Users cannot access Helpdesk

Our end-user are not able to see the helpdesk section of Lansweeper. When they go to the website, all they see is a page saying they don't have access.We are using Windows authentication and the user I'm testing with is in the users list.PS - I sear...

Elwood472 by Engaged Sweeper II
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list of all KB articles and who wrote them

I know that I saw it someplace, but I can't find it now.I want to get a list of all knowledge base articles, who wrote them, and when they were written. I can't seem to find it anyplace though. Did I just dream I found it before? I tried writing ...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Search by ticket number

HI!i don't seem to be able to search ticket by their ticket number. Even if i know the ticket number and search it, i got no results (nothing to display). Could you tell me if it's possible to search by ticket number and if so, how to do it?Bests,

Techno by Engaged Sweeper II
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Server Errors

One of our main applications is hosted in the cloud. Our active directory enviroment is also being reproduced in the cloud as well by that vendor. This makes sure that any changes in access in AD on our side are synced in the cloud. If I look in th...

snmp trap HP 1910 switch

I am testing your program. And I have a question.How can I receive notifications from my HP switches that the port has become active?I know that snmp trap is used for this function in the switch. I have targeted my server Lansweeper.How can I impleme...

info1 by Engaged Sweeper
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