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Engaged Sweeper
Hi guys,

I just joined your community and so far I find Lansweeper a very useful and fun platform to use and play with. However, with that out of that way now I'm really interested in how exactly could I push windows updates on my machines through Lansweeper because this is one of my key concerns and features i'm looking forward to have with Lansweeper and based on it I'll decide whether its suitable for our company or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Lansweeper Alumni
You can create deployment packages to deploy specific Windows updates on computers. Lansweeper has a deployment feature which you can use to run installers, scripts etc.

For Windows updates, you'll have to build a custom deployment package for each OS version. We recommend reviewing this topic, which can help you create a specific update package. It provides some general information how to deploy a WSUS update package built with WSUS offline update. Additionally, we recommend having a look at these Microsoft articles, which provide some scripts that can help you create a custom deployment package:

General guidelines on creating deployment packages can be found in this section of our knowledge base.

Lastly, this topic created in our Installers section by one of our customers regarding the pushing of specific Windows updates may also be useful to you.