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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi All
we have an extensive network with several vlans, firewall and so on. We have always worked on a basis of " block all, allow what's necessary".
I'm not the person managing this so I can't see what's allowed and what not.

Is there a way to see per configured IP range when the last time a device has been scanned?
I'm not looking at the IPLocations table, those are different than what is set up in the scan servers.

Thank you
Champion Sweeper III
Yes, that's possible but it would take me a bit to figure out the SQL...

you would left join your tblassets table to tsysIPScanRanges on tblassets.ipnumeric >= tsysIPscanranges.ipstart and tblassets <= tsysipscanranges.ipend

But, the ip addresses in the tsysipcanranges are VARCHAR, so in order to compare the ranges, you have to remove the periods from the columns, then convert to NUMERIC -

that's a bit tricky for me.

but, then you could have the report, and report on max assetID grouped by tsysipscanranges.description

if that helps at all.