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Champion Sweeper
User sends me an email (my direct email).
I reply and add my Lansweeper Helpdesk email address in the To: field (creates a new ticket)
User replies to that email and a new ticket is created.

Thinking it through, it's because the outgoing ticket I sent went to Lansweeper, but the user didn't reply to that one, they replied to my email (which had the Lansweeper email in the To field), therefore creating the second ticket.

I can merge them, but wondering if there is a setting to avoid getting duplicate tickets in that scenario.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Because two e-mails from two different accounts are being sent to the Lansweeper helpdesk e-mail account, it is indeed normal for Lansweeper to create two tickets. The only way to stop Lansweeper from creating two tickets would be to create a filter in Configuration\E-mail Settings, which ignores your personal e-mail address. That way when the user replies to your reply, the ticket will be created.

Alternatively, you could create ticket dispatching rules which set e-mails coming from your personal e-mail address to a specific team, state or type.

The recommended way of working would be to ask users to not e-mail you personally, but e-mail the Lansweeper helpdesk e-mail address.