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Champion Sweeper
Configuration\Ticket Content
Ticket types > Default ticket type

I have this set to End User Support. With my test email account I send in a ticket, but the ticket type is not End User Support, it is a different type.

LS Version:
Champion Sweeper
I have 4 ticket dispatching rules but they are not enabled because I have not yet gotten that far in my testing.
I have the default email templates enabled, modified with the information that we see fit and enabled for agent notification and user notification.
Agent notifications are default settings at install.

This really doesn't explain why I had a problem with and not with All I did was an in-place upgrade. Thank goodness I took a snapshot first. I reverted back to .29 and everything is kosher.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Unfortunately, it is not entirely clear what your e-mail settings are. What ticket dispatching rules you have in place, what e-mail templates you have enabled and what agent notification options you have.

However, keep in mind that E-mail templates are only used by Lansweeper when a ticket has not been processed by a ticket dispatching rule. In the case the tickets are assigned to an agent by a ticket dispatching rule, by design, this will not trigger the template for ticket creation or the template for ticket assigned. This is to prevent ticket dispatching rules to spam outgoing e-mail templates when filtering tickets and performing actions.
Champion Sweeper
Okay, I seemed to have fixed this. But now for whatever reason, I am not receiving any email notifications of tickets being created or assigned.

My end user is receiving notification emails though.

Update 1:
I have rebooted my Lansweeper server and now I am not receiving any notifications and my ticket default type has reverted back to another type that is not set as the default one.

Update 2:
Okay this is getting irritating. Default ticket type for my 5th test email has changed to End User Support, the one I set. I have received end user notification email but I have not received ticket creation email for agent.

Update 3:
Cleared out tickets. Logged out of LS, rebooted server, again, let "sleeping dogs lie." Sent email from end user test account. Received ticket in LS helpdesk. End user received no notification and agent received no notification. Ticket type is NOT the default ticket type: End User Support.

Update 4:
Reverted back to Version and I am now receiving end user and agent email notifications and I am also receiving the default ticket type as the one I set it as.