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Engaged Sweeper II
I want to set a Target Scan for specific subnet

ex: 10.x.70.x are my printers

Is there a way to scan the subnet 70 for all my network ?

I dont want to scann 10.x.x.x totally because the scan never end this way.
Engaged Sweeper II
What you could do is use an Excel formula like ="10."&A1&".70.0" to create a list of all the subnets then use the import template in Lansweeper. I used Powershell to export all the scopes from our Windows DHCP server to a CSV, then removed all the scopes we didn't want to scan from the spreadsheet.
Engaged Sweeper III
You can manually create a subnet scanning by IP - All printer subnet

But if there are other devices that are configured for IP's within the ranges you have inbetween the printer subnets....well, see below:

You may need to create multiple scanning subnets instead of trying to do an all in one.

Like - 10.1.70. 25 - printer subnet location 1.

Like - 10.5.70. 25 - printer subnet location 2.

and since they are printers, they dont move so you can scan off hours.
Engaged Sweeper II
We do /24-/27 scanning, but I'd be leery to try much larger. Lansweeper handles those contiguous subnets just fine.
Engaged Sweeper II
Anyone else have Subnet allocated to specific devices ?