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Engaged Sweeper III

Currently I have a report called; Workstations less than 10GB free disk space

What this report does is scan all AssetMachines and reports what machine has less than 10% of disk space.
What I am wanting to do is implement an email report but one that doesn't send me the report but rather the user to notify them "Hey you have 10% of disk space left reduce the size or contact your IT support team for help" Any way for this to be implemented through Lansweeper or is this just something I'm going to have to create a script for or a task scheduler.

Let me know your thoughts..
Champion Sweeper II
Definitely not able to do this via built-in means as it can only report/alert based off of static email addresses.

My thoughts on a script - Write a daily report (or whatever interval) to the default directory, use the results as variables in a PowerShell script to populate email(s) based off of a scheduled task. It actually may not be that difficult if you are familiar with csv-import. If I thought my users would actually do something about it I might actually do it myself!
Engaged Sweeper III
Thanks for the reply, I work with an architecture firm so its hard for me to just delete any file they will need to take a look and either run it as a back up, throw it on our network drives or place it on the cloud under their profile. I just thought I'd ask to see if it was possible.