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Engaged Sweeper II
I am trying to deploy an msi for Sentinel One. Below is the command that I have set in my deployment package.

msiexec.exe /i "{PackageShare}\Installers\SentinelOne\Sentinel.msi" /norestart /qn /SITE_TOKEN=XXXXXXXXXXX /SILENT

Is there anyone who can tell me why this would fail or what I am doing wrong? I would greatly appreciate it. The installer just times out, I have set it to run for 1 hour and it still does not deploy the package.

Thanks so much.

Engaged Sweeper III

I believe hubertmroz is correct. the /SILENT should be removed.
If you have the EXE to do the install, use 

{PackageShare}\Installers\SentinelOne\SentinelOne.exe /SITE_TOKEN=xxxxxxxxxx /SILENT


Engaged Sweeper III

What was the fix for this? 

Likely duplicating switches - /qn is default to msiexec, while /SILENT is custom switch implemented by vendor. Using them both, may be wrong.

An example path of install in Intune deployment can be replicated to lansweeper, with no issues what so ever

Install Sentinel One with Intune (
search for 'Adding the Key'

Champion Sweeper II
It might not like the /SILENT since it already has /qn. It could also be the / before SITE_TOKEN, we've got a deployment that uses a similar flag, it wouldn't work until we removed the /.