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Engaged Sweeper
Hi, I have a range of SLA's based on ticket type and Priority.

For example, my Priority "1" call is 15 minute response and 2 hour resolve. My Priority "2" call is 15 minute response and 3 hour resolve.

I have 2 SLA Groups, one only targets my P1 calls and the other targets the P2 call.

If I want to change the SLA of a P1 call to a P2 call, I click the Edit button and change the Priority. The SLA doesn't change by doing this. If I go to the Service-Level agreement section of the edit screen I can only make a new SLA time, or Remove SLA, or make a Custom SLA. It should either recalculate the SLA based on the new Priority or give me a drop down box of all SLA groups in the system so I can appropriately choose.

This is quite a big issue because the SLA needs to change dynamically, a ticket cannot remain in the previous SLA group.

Any advice on if I am doing something wrong would be greatly appreciated!

Engaged Sweeper
Hi Karel,

Unfortunately that doesn't change the SLA Timer on the ticket screen, it still shows the initial SLA based on the initial type of job/priority. In my case it shows the remaining minutes for a P1 Priority SLA.

Also when you change the type of ticket you cannot change the priority on that window either, so this would also be a handy feature to have.

Even if I do your process twice, and give the job no SLA, and then recalculate the SLA for another ticket type with lesser response SLA, the ticket still shows the original priority.

I'm afraid the SLA component really does need some work, this type of functionality is essential.

Thank you for your assistance,
Champion Sweeper III
There is currently indeed no option to change the SLA when a priority gets changed. We'll consider adding this. As a workaround you could change the ticket's type using the actions menu to its current type (by clicking on a different type, then the current type) and check Recalculate SLA only.