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Engaged Sweeper II

We are just evaluating the Helpdesk section of Lansweeper. Every time someone does an update to a ticket, an email is sent to the requester (which is fine). However, the email always contains the entire history of the ticket, rather than just the new update. Can this be switched off so only the newly entered bit is sent? If we have a long running ticket with loads of screenshots etc, it generates large emails which just aren't necessary.

I see under Helpdesk Settings > Email Settings, a load of templates with a column for "add note history", but all of our templates are disabled anyway (I unticked add note history just in case though).

Is this possible?
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Although it is possible to prevent the note history from being added to the outgoing e-mail templates as configured under Configuration\E-mail Settings, this is currently not possible for the standard public replies that are being sent when a new public note is added to the ticket. This feature is on our customer wish list though.



Any updates on this request?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

@Sanderr If you have unchecked the "Add Note History" option in the Outgoing Email Templates and the template is Enabled, only the current public note response will be sent with each email. 


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